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Residential towers. Commercial skyscrapers. Striking interiors. Modern Wall Systems delivers no matter the project size.

The Modern Wall Experience


It is our belief that beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive goals, and that both should coexist to create truly striking structures. Modern Wall Systems has harnessed more than 50 years of experience to bring to market the most technically advanced and aesthetically significant unitized curtain wall systems the world over.

We are a leading curtain wall designer and fabricator thanks to our groundbreaking Curtain Wall and Window Wall systems. From our facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we offer our clients a truly end-to-end experience. Our collaborative approach with client relations begins at the design phase and continues through the in-house fabrication and assembly stage and finally ends with professional onsite installation.

Modern Wall Systems tailors each and every project to a client’s very specific needs. Our products are engineered from the ground up to be durable, reliable, and provide significant time and cost savings over competing solutions.

Put simply, Modern Wall Systems delivers time and again the captivatingly beautiful, timeless and structurally efficient designs your project demands.


  • Design

    Working alongside experienced tradespersons early in the design process gives us the ability to be creative and intelligent about the systems and details incorporated into our designs. This 360-degree collaboration also enables us to better manage our clients’ budgets and schedules while minimizing conflict during construction.

  • Build

    We believe the team best able to build a project is the one that designed it. Our design and fabrication teams utilize their intimate knowledge of a client’s specific design to collaboratively address site conditions and product changes seamlessly. The result is a project that doesn’t sacrifice beauty for functionality.

  • Install

    Since our products are assembled in the United States in a controlled environment, installers are able to fit them to exteriors in one-sixth the time of competing products. Moreover, we offer premier installation services to many of our clients on the East Coast and also work with experienced local installers across the country to bring your designs to life in the field.


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