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Sunlight is incredible. It’s been scientifically proven that when we’re exposed to natural light, we think clearer, we feel better and we’re more creative. At View, we’ve developed intelligent glass, dynamic glass with 5 thin layers of metal oxide that are only 1 micron thick (1/50th of a human hair). When a tiny electrical charge is applied to these layers, it causes the glass to tint electronically. This reduces unwanted heat and glare and keeps you connected to the outside world. Built-in intelligence means that individual windows or zones can automatically adjust based on the sun’s position and weather or can be controlled by a mobile device.

Product Overview

Intelligence Outside

View Dynamic Glass is powered by a sophisticated intelligence engine that responds intuitively to outside conditions, day or night.

Cloud Cover
Predictive weather feeds and real-time sensors anticipate and respond to cloud cover. This allows maximum daylight to flood workspaces on overcast days.

Always On
Day in and day out, View Intelligence will run your glass tint states for you. Using algorithms that include year, month, date, and time, it is continuously working to bring comfort to your space.

Angle of the Sun
Pulling information from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, View is able to predict the angle of the sun on a particular date and time. When the sun changes angles in fall or winter, View Intelligence will block unwanted glare.

Architectural Details
View Intelligence accounts for architectural features of the building such as overhangs. These details are factored in to the algorithm, customizing the tint conditions for your space.

Latitude & Longitude
Where is your building located on Earth and how will the sun’s glare change throughout the year? View’s Intelligence knows.


Intelligence Inside

Experience the inherent comfort that transforms your indoor experience when you can customize daylight.

Comfort first. The Glare Control Module is one of the three cores of the engine. By calculating the geometry of direct glare on a workspace, the View Intelligence Engine brings comfort to your room.

Light Sensors
Weather-ready. Photo sensors on this weather mast are facing East, South, and West. It can detect clear skies and cloud cover, and glass tint then responds to weather.

Let light in. As tint states change, the Daylighting Control Module maximizes daylight while minimizing both heat and glare.

Energy savings. By using algorithms to calculate the theoretical energy of the sun, the Heat Control Module runs calculations to determine how much solar heat to block to stay below a specified threshold.




Control View Dynamic Glass from anywhere, create schedules, track energy efficiency and manage entire buildings with the View Glass mobile app for iOS and Android!

  • Automated Program | View IntelligenceTM automatically selects the optimal tint levels for each zone based
    on a variety of environmental factors such as sun location and light levels.
  • Timed Schedule | Schedule controls the tint level of each glass zone in 15 minute intervals, 24 hours a day
  • Manual Override | A user can tint the glass manually.
  • Build Management System Override | A user can tint the glass via a Building Management System over
    BACnet. *BACnet support is an optional feature in the View Dynamic Glass system
  • MO | Zone is being controlled by a Master Override
  • UPS | System is on UPS power (if applicable)
  • Yellow Squares | Zones are at different tint states within a zone group



Choose Your Glass Makeup

Customize your glass with a variety of options to match architectural designs. View Dynamic Glass is available in double and triple-pane windows up to six feet by ten feet in size—the largest glass in the industry. We work with each customer to ensure the best match to architectural designs. You specify it, we will build it.

1. Ceramic Coated Glass
Each dynamic glass window starts with a pane of glass with the ceramic coating on the inner surface of the outboard glass, capable of carrying an electrical charge.

2. Spacing & Argon Gass Layer
Choose the depth of each cavity spacing from 3/8” to 5/8” from our standard and U-factor options. Also pick whether to include an argon gas layer, which improves heating and cooling.

3. Customize the Design
Additional options provide choices of shape, size, tint, lamination, thickness, strength and Low-e coatings. We’ll work with you to customize a solution for your needs.


Customized View Intelligence

Personalized control to suit your needs. View’s Intelligence offers advanced controls, which automatically tints your windows based on a variety of environmental conditions. We work with you during the installation and commissioning phase to tailor our intelligence to your needs.


Specify Your Zones

Maximize daylight in various spaces for various uses. Group window areas together to create zones that can be controlled separately. Each executive office or conference room could be zoned for smart workspaces, or an entire south-facing facade could be zoned separately to maximize comfort in the heat of the day.



View Dynamic Glass can change its state from clear to tinted on demand thereby providing unprecedented control over the amount of light and heat that enter a building. This dynamic control results in up to 20 percent reduction in HVAC energy consumption and up to 23 percent reduction in peak load compared to standard Low–E glass. The significant savings in peak load also reduces the cooling capacility requirements of HVAC systems. Details of each case study can be seen in the relevant case study sections below.


Peak load reduction
Compared to standard low-e glazing, View Dynamic Glass can reduce the building’s cooling peak load by up to 23 percent – passing cost savings to owners.


Reduce annual energy consumption
Use of View Dynamic Glass reduces electricity consumption by an average of 20 percent.


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